​      BIO

1984    Born in Asuka, Nara Prefecture

2004    Entered Department of Photography, Osaka University of Arts

2006    Started taking photos in Bali

After visiting various Asian countries as a student, Maki Shimada became fascinated with the people of those countries and the way in which religion and culture intersect in their daily lives.

2008    Traveled to Bali to work as a wedding photographer

2011    After returning to Japan, moved to Tokyo and started mainly focusing on portrait photography

She frequently visits Bali to conduct photoshoots to this day.


2008 MAR   無想 -Bali- / Roonee 247 photography, Tokyo

2012 MAY   ​  -Kingdom of Cambodia / New Osaka Hotel 心斎橋, Osaka 

2018 JUNE  DAY AFTER DAY -神、人、人、人-  / Canon gallery Ginza, Tokyo  

2018 JULY   DAY AFTER DAY -神、人、人、人-  / Canon gallery Nagoya, Aichi  

2019 FEB    明日香の匠展 / Nara Prefecture Complex of Man'yo Culture, Nara  

2019 MAR   年輕藝術家交流展水色藝術工坊, Tainan,Taiwan

2020 FEB    明日香の匠展 / Nara Prefecture Complex of Man'yo Culture, Nara 

2020 DEC     I'M HERE  / Canon gallery Ginza, Tokyo

2021 JAN     I'M HERE  / Canon gallery Osaka

2021 FEB    明日香の匠展 / Nara Prefecture Complex of Man'yo Culture, Nara

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